Those Pesky Ants
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Those Pesky Ants

Growing up, I lived in a sprawling farmhouse in the country. This beautiful home was constantly filled with the sounds of laughter and the smells of delectable food being prepared in the kitchen. Unfortunately, our home was often invaded by some unwanted guests, ants. Pesky ants would welcome themselves into our living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. One night, I crawled into my bed only to discover I wasn’t alone. Ants had somehow climbed onto my bed! These destructive ants even ate holes in some of the clothing hanging in my closet. Is your home filled with unwanted, biting ants? On this blog, you will discover the latest methods pest control specialists use to rid homes of pesky ants.


Those Pesky Ants

  • Three Ways To Save Money On Termite Removal

    5 June 2018

    Once you find out you have termites, it's almost inevitable you'll find yourself needing to get rid of them to prevent any damage from getting worse. Hiring a professional service to take care of termites can be expensive, but even if you're on a budget, don't let estimates and quotes intimidate you. There are a number of ways to save money and to find ways to pay for a professional pest control service to take care of your termite problem.

  • Where To Look For Bed Bugs

    9 May 2018

    Bed bugs aren't just hiding in your bed as their name suggests; bed bugs can be just about anywhere in your home. They can be lurking in your living room, kitchen, and even in your basement. If you don't know what to look out for, these bugs could invade your entire home. Read on for tips to know where to look in your home for bed bugs and what you're looking for.

  • Are You Spring Cleaning Your Craft Room? 3 Tips To Keep Insects Out Of Your Sewing Supplies

    18 April 2018

    Now that the weather is warmer, it's a great time to do a little spring cleaning in your favorite room in the house. After all, the spring and summer seasons are the ideal time to begin sewing new curtains and other decorative items to brighten up your house. However, your recent cleaning sessions may have uncovered a few signs of unwelcome guests. As you spruce up your craft room, use these tips to keep pests out of your fabric and sewing notions.

  • Keep Pest Control In Mind As You Complete Your Spring Cleaning

    30 March 2018

    As you start your spring cleaning, make sure that you keep pest control at the back of your mind. If you clean your home correctly, you should be able to combat and hold back all the pests that want to get into your home. Go Deep in Your Kitchen In your kitchen, you need to clean deep and clean everywhere. The kitchen is the favorite place in your home for a variety of pests, from mice to ants, to gather.

  • Did A Wild Animal Move In While You Were On Vacation? 3 Steps To Reclaim Your Attic From A Pest Infestation

    13 March 2018

    Your vacation was idyllic, but you couldn't wait to get back to the comforts of home. However, you now find yourself wishing that you could head back to your vacation destination since you suspect that something is living in your attic. Unfortunately, wild animals often take the opportunity to set up residence in houses when they are vacant. While you can't turn back time, you can take these steps to restore the safety and comfort of your property.