Those Pesky Ants
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Those Pesky Ants

Growing up, I lived in a sprawling farmhouse in the country. This beautiful home was constantly filled with the sounds of laughter and the smells of delectable food being prepared in the kitchen. Unfortunately, our home was often invaded by some unwanted guests, ants. Pesky ants would welcome themselves into our living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. One night, I crawled into my bed only to discover I wasn’t alone. Ants had somehow climbed onto my bed! These destructive ants even ate holes in some of the clothing hanging in my closet. Is your home filled with unwanted, biting ants? On this blog, you will discover the latest methods pest control specialists use to rid homes of pesky ants.


Those Pesky Ants

Take Back Your Yard: 4 Reasons To Hire A Pest Control Service This Summer

Logan Watson

Summer is the time of year when you can enjoy your backyard. It's also the time when pests decide that they want to enjoy your backyard too. Sharing your backyard with pests can pose serious problems for you and your family. That's where pest control becomes beneficial during the summer. Pest control services will eliminate the pests that can make your life miserable. Not sure how a pest control service can help this summer? Read the list below. Here are four ways pest control services can make your summer less uncomfortable. 

Mosquito Abatement

Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance. They're also a health hazard. Mosquitoes carry diseases like the Zika virus, dengue fever, and West Nile virus. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are a common summer pest. They congregate around cool, wet places. That can include your yard, especially if you have puddles of water. Don't put up with mosquitoes. Hire a pest control service to handle mosquito abatement for you. 

Rodent Elimination

Rodents are another pest that likes to look for cool places to hang out. If you have food and water on your property, you're more likely to have rodent infestations this summer. Food can include open trash cans, rotting fruit, and pet food bowls. Water can include dripping faucets, water dishes, and irrigation systems. A pest control service will remove mice and rats from your property. If you find furry pests, like squirrels and raccoons, a pest control service will remove those too. 

Bee Removal

If you've been using pesticide sprays to get rid of bees and wasps, it's time to call a pest control service. Bees and wasps are actually beneficial pests. In fact, bees and wasps help ensure healthy pollination each year. Plus, pesticide sprays can aggravate bees and wasps. Unfortunately, that increases your risk of stings. That's why you should hire a pest control service. A pest control service will collect the bees and wasps and transfer them to a safer location. The pest control service will also remove the nests. That way, it's safe to go back into your yard again. 

Ant Control

If you're tired of getting bit by ants when you go in your yard, a pest control service can help. Ants come out in full force during the summer months. They'll invade your home, contaminate your pet food, and cause painful bites. You can eliminate the problem by hiring a pest control service. They'll keep your ant problem under control all summer long.