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Those Pesky Ants

Growing up, I lived in a sprawling farmhouse in the country. This beautiful home was constantly filled with the sounds of laughter and the smells of delectable food being prepared in the kitchen. Unfortunately, our home was often invaded by some unwanted guests, ants. Pesky ants would welcome themselves into our living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. One night, I crawled into my bed only to discover I wasn’t alone. Ants had somehow climbed onto my bed! These destructive ants even ate holes in some of the clothing hanging in my closet. Is your home filled with unwanted, biting ants? On this blog, you will discover the latest methods pest control specialists use to rid homes of pesky ants.


Those Pesky Ants

What Steps Should You Take If You Have Mice In Your Home?

Logan Watson

Mice are curious pests that will come into your home and can cause damage to your house. These pests can be more than just a nuisance, as they can cause issues for you, such as leaving bacteria behind in their piles of feces or from their urine. They can also cause damage by chewing their way through your house. This damage can lead the way for other pests to come into your house. If you have mice in your home, there are steps you should take in order to exterminate them. Read on for some helpful information you can use.

1. Repair Their Entrance

The mice chewed their way into your home and are using that entrance to get into your house. You should find their entrance into your house and make the necessary repairs to prevent these or other pests from getting into your home and causing damage to your house. Replace door or window seals around your home where these pests may have gotten inside or other areas that may be damaged, such as near your home's foundation. Make any repairs needed to prevent another pest problem.

2. Set Traps 

Set traps throughout your home to help exterminate these pests. Wherever you have seen the signs of mice throughout your home, you should set the traps. Use a bait that will attract the pests to the trap, then allow the trap to do its job. Set the traps and then reset them over and over again until you no longer see signs of these pests. Some signs you should watch out for include piles of feces, holes chewed through your walls or doors, piles of food, or nesting materials piled up together.

3. Use Preventative Maintenance

A little preventative maintenance can go a long way. Prevention tasks such as making repairs to your home and keeping the exterior of your home clean and neat are important in preventing pests such as rodents. You should also be sure to clear out old landscaping and remove built-up piles of trash. Keep your lawn neat and trimmed as well.

If you have a problem with rodents, there are a few steps one can take to get rid of them, and you should also use preventative maintenance in order to prevent these pests in the first place. Hire a professional exterminator to help control the pests in your home. For more information, reach out to a rodent control service near you.