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Those Pesky Ants

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Those Pesky Ants

Tips For Using Termite Baits More Effectively

Logan Watson

Termite baits can be one of the most effective ways to trap and control termites. However, they are not always as easy to use as you might assume. To ensure they work as effectively as possible, follow these tips when setting up and using your termite baits.

Dig the hole a little deeper than the bait station

When installing your termite bait stations, you want to dig the holes about 2 inches deeper than the bait station. Measure the depth of the bait station before you start. Then, as you dig your holes, stop periodically and stick a ruler into the hole to ensure the proper depth. This gives water a place to pool under the bait station, which helps keep the bait station moist. Termites like moist food best, so you'll attract more termites to the bait station with this strategy.

Wear gloves

Contrary to what you might initially assume, the gloves are not just for your own protection. They do keep you from being exposed to the chemicals in the termite bait, but that's only one reason to wear them. Wearing gloves also keeps your own scent from being deposited on the baits. Termites have very sensitive scent glands and may not come near the baits if the baits smell like humans. 

Space the bait stations about 10 feet apart

You want to put termite bait stations around the entire perimeter of your home for the best results. It's really hard to know where, exactly, the underground termite nest is, and putting baits around your home helps ensure you really do attract as many bugs as possible. The bait stations should all be about 3 feet from your home's walls. Just don't place them right under your gutters, as this may result in them becoming too moist.

Leave the tops of the bait stations exposed

The wider part at the top of the termite bait station should be left exposed and above ground. This makes it easier for you to lift and check the interior cylinders in the bait stations on a regular basis. If you see dirt at the top of the cylinder when you pull it up, that means termites have been crawling into the bait station. When the bait itself is gone, you can replace the cylinder.

With the tips above, you can more effectively use termite bait stations. With any luck, you'll get rid of your termite colony.

For more information on termite bait systems, reach out to a local pest control service.