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Those Pesky Ants

Growing up, I lived in a sprawling farmhouse in the country. This beautiful home was constantly filled with the sounds of laughter and the smells of delectable food being prepared in the kitchen. Unfortunately, our home was often invaded by some unwanted guests, ants. Pesky ants would welcome themselves into our living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. One night, I crawled into my bed only to discover I wasn’t alone. Ants had somehow climbed onto my bed! These destructive ants even ate holes in some of the clothing hanging in my closet. Is your home filled with unwanted, biting ants? On this blog, you will discover the latest methods pest control specialists use to rid homes of pesky ants.


Those Pesky Ants

Why You Shouldn't Kill A Centipede

Logan Watson

It can be hard to know what to do about a house centipede. They aren't bad for your home. In fact, they will hunt and kill more harmful pests. However, they are also very fast and creepy. Their ability to climb can make it difficult to keep a comfortable distance from them.

How Centipedes Help

Centipedes are nocturnal predators that will feed on spiders, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, termites and bed bugs. Therefore, if you have a large population of any of these, this is likely what is causing these pests to come. If you are concerned about these pests, you are better off leaving the centipedes alone and instead focusing on how you can reduce these populations. In fact, some homeowners even release centipedes in order to reduce other pest populations. They are completely harmless because they have fangs that do not usually grow large enough to pierce human skin. When the fangs are large enough, the bite is similar to a bee sting. They also do not spread disease and they do not eat other forms of food.

Contact Pest Control Services

If you are fed up with encountering centipedes, though, you should consider contacting pest control services. They maybe able to identify ways to prevent centipedes from entering your home and they may also identify the pests that are attracting the centipedes. You may also have centipedes because you have a water leak and the moisture is attracting them. Therefore, using a dehumidifier can reduce the likelihood that you will encounter centipedes and other pests. When taking a shower, make sure to use a bathroom fan. You may also need to install a better bathroom fan. 

Keeping Centipedes Out

Sealing any cracks or crevices will not only make it more difficult for centipedes to enter your home, but will also prevent pests from entering that are likely attracting them. Also, the cracks and crevices were where centipedes lay their eggs. Eliminating leaves and debris around your home will also eliminate another location where centipedes will hide and where their population will be increased.

If you have a centipede in your home and haven't spotted it, you will likely not know of an infestation because they do not leave any signs behind other than possibly a lost leg. However, given how quickly they can move, it may crawl very close to you without you even realizing it. But by remembering that they are harmless, it may be easier to cope. Visit a site like for more help.