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Those Pesky Ants

Why You Need To Control Pigeons: Advice For Food Retailers In Las Vegas

Logan Watson

Pigeons commonly thrive in American cities like Las Vegas, and many public places experience serious problems with pigeon infestations. While children may think it's cute to feed wild birds like this, pigeons are actually one of the biggest pests that business owners have to deal with. Find out why pigeons are bad for your food business, and learn more about the steps you should take to deal with these problematic birds.

Pigeons in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to several species of pigeon and dove, including the Inca dove, the Mourning dove, the rock pigeon and the band-tailed pigeon. Many of these birds are attractive, and wildlife lovers go to some lengths to spot and watch these pretty creatures. Unfortunately, urban pigeons are rather different.

Urban pigeons descend from the rock dove. Humans originally bred this bird to keep as a pet or to eat. Some of these doves escaped captivity, and wild colonies quickly sprang up. These birds have thrived ever since, and the urban pigeon is now a common sight across Las Vegas.

Pigeon behavior

Pigeons are a cause for concern in Las Vegas because they are so plentiful. You're quite likely to see a flock of 100 or more birds in one spot, so it's easy to understand how they could cause damage or become a nuisance. Unlike other types of vermin, the pigeon's ability to fly means that these creatures can get access to almost any part of a building, and they will seek out and use almost any available space to nest in.

Nonetheless, while pigeons can damage property, the main concern is that the birds can easily transmit a variety of diseases. In fact, experts warn that the birds can carry at least three human diseases in their droppings, including histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis. When you understand that one relatively well-fed pigeon can make 25 pounds of droppings a year, you can start to see the scale of the health problem that city businesses face.

Food retailers are often at higher risk from pigeons than other businesses, purely because they are more likely to yield a source of food for the birds, but you can take various steps to stop pigeons causing a nuisance on or around your premises.

Pigeon prevention

Pigeons will quickly go somewhere else if they can't find food, so you should take steps to make sure they can never find anything to eat. Make sure any trash cans or dumpsters you use have tight-fitting lids, and tell your employees not to leave any exposed food waste in these areas. Regularly clean the area outside your premises to remove traces of animal or pet waste immediately. What's more, you should make sure that food or drink deliveries are never left uncovered outside your premises.

You may also need to take steps to stop pigeons using your shop to roost and nest. You can use wire mesh or nylon netting to block the entrance to spaces where pigeons may like to roost. Porcupine wires can also deter pigeons. These are simple devices with a solid base and sharp prongs that stick out at angles. When installed, porcupine wires stop the birds landing, so look for places where pigeons like to roost, including your shop sign and any ledges around the property.

If there is an apartment above your property, speak to the owner about installing netting across any balconies, as this will also deter pigeons. You should also remove any nests that you find on or around your property. Pigeons tend to return to the same spot, but they will give up if you keep removing these nests. A pest control company can also supply birth control products that stop pigeon eggs hatching.

Pest control

City authorities will not normally deal with a pigeon infestation unless several people complain. Even then, the authorities may only act if there is an obvious health risk because of the birds. As such, you'll nearly always need to call a pest control company to tackle a pigeon infestation. These companies will use a variety of techniques to tackle the problem. The top priority is usually to deter the birds. Extermination is normally only a last resort.

Pigeons can be a serious nuisance to your employees and customers, and these birds can also spread diseases. Talk to a pest control company for more advice about how you should tackle the problem. Click here for more information.